Job Seeking During COVID Time, Part 1

Really? Wildfires, torrential rains, Russian meddling, school schedule disruption, income disruption, gargantuan unemployment plus COVID and…. now it's time to settle the mind, focus and look for The Next Big Thing.

Deep breath.

Yes folks, that's my life. Many of our lives honestly. Since July, I've had my rest time, my family time, my get-the-house organized time (epic fail) and even a trip up to Northern MI and WI for that increasingly-important Change of Scenery.

I think I've checked most of my burned-out boxes and it's time to get down to it. This girl wants to take the job search by the horns and GO FOR IT.

But….what's the right tone? Aggressive. Curious. Intellectual. Helpful. It's hard to know and who the hell is even hiring in the midst of this sh*tshow? I listen to too many podcasts, NPR, read the WSJ and NYT and so am over-filled with headlines about companies doing well in this environment. Turns out I am not an epidemiologist, public health, biotech, or zoom founder professional. I sell stuff. I build relationships and help companies grow.

What's next? Where do I start? Stay tuned....