Unjilltered Unleashed

Episode 1 - August 2020

I'm the one who will pipe up in meetings calling out what everyone else is thinking but won't dare say out loud. Yea, that one. 🙄 [ Just ask Justin Desrosier]

I can remember the day. I was working in the Investors' Circle office at American Underground - well by then it was either IC-SVN or SVC - with my buddies and co-workers Meredith and Shanti. You could say that I'm known for my candidness - or you could be in the camp that exclaims, "Jill - you can't SAY that, girl…" Continue Reading

Job seeking during COVID times, Part 1

Episode 2 - September 2020

Really? Wildfires, torrential rains, Russian meddling, school schedule disruption, income disruption, gargantuan unemployment plus COVID and…. now it's time to settle the mind, focus and look for The Next Big Thing.

Deep breath...Continue Reading

Job seeking during COVID times,

Part 2

With a little help from Friends

Episode 3 - October 2020

So in this continuation of my process, I'm going to share some ideas that I hope will be helpful for all of you also thinking of making a change, "in transition" or out looking.

For this piece, I'm going to blatantly steal from a great presentation I saw through Career Pro here in NC. I've never even met John O'Connor in person (how 2020!) but I feel like he's in my corner and he hosts weekly zoom calls with professionals who he's known throughout his career...Continue Reading