Valerie Red-Horse Mohl - CFO, East Bay Community Foundation

Stanford University Faculty Lecturer

It is my absolute delight and honor to offer this letter of recommendation for Jill Newbold. Jill is a senior subject matter expert in the areas of sustainability, impact investing and ESG as well as understanding investments and business practices for growing and building. Jill and I worked together when I was the Executive Director/CEO at Social Venture Circle and she was our Director of Business Development...Read More

Bonny Moellenbrock- Principal, Millbrook Impact

I first worked with Jill on a contractor basis in 2010, when she developed and executed a rebranding strategy for SJF Institute. She did a fabulous job visioning and driving the process, both working with constraints and pushing the envelope when appropriate for the best results....Read More

Dana Dorroh- SVC member, Managing Partner, One Source of NC, LLC

As an impact investor, having had the privilege to work alongside Jill Newbold for the last eight (8) years, I know her to be engaging, thoughtful, and quite responsible about her work. She listens, gathers like-minded folks, and leads the execution of details all while advancing efforts...Read More

Steve Monti - SVC member, Principal and Founder, Solidarity Capital Group

As an IC/SVC member since 2011, I’ve much enjoyed working with Jill the many years she’s served on the staff. She’s an accomplished impact-aligned marketing/biz-dev professional...Read More

Alan Bernstein- SVC member, previous Investors’ Circle NY President

I had the pleasure of working with Jill at Investors' Circle (IC) for over six years. Jill was Director of Business Development at IC as I was trying to grow the New York network of angel investors in early stage social impact businesses, where I was the President. Jill was always organized, diligent...Read More

Katie Kalkman - Executive Director The HUB MSP

Jill Newbold is an incredible leader. She is a champion for mission-driven businesses. I had the great fortune of working with Jill...Read More

Renata Hron Gomez- Strategy + Impact

I had the pleasure of working with Jill at Investors' Circle/Social Venture Circle. She is high-energy, creative, and fearless in her interactions... Read More Jill's follow-through is impressive and her commitment to her work and the impact field is of the highest caliber. While Jill's formal work was in business development, she was always a team player, jumping in to support her colleagues when needed and contributing to broader conversations and strategies. Jill will be an asset to any organization lucky to bring her on.

I had the great pleasure of getting to know Jill over four years of working together across a wide range of projects and initiatives. She brings a high degree of enthusiasm and optimism to every situation and always lifts those up around her....Read More

Jill is the colleague that will always greet you with a smile, bring positive energy, and not be afraid to find creative solutions to tough problems. She's a natural relationship builder...Read More

Justin Desrosiers - Managing Principal, SustainVC

Jill said some amazingly funny things that I cannot repeat for fear of legal action.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jill as the Morgan Lewis partner responsible for our impact investing initiative in Boston. Jill was a first-rate ambassador for Investors’ Circle and then Social Venture Circle after their merger... Read More

Shanti R. Holloway - Manager, Partnerships and Membership

(Jill) has a go-getter mentality and is a pleasure to work with. I remain impressed with her driven work ethic and commitment to success. She was my manager and I always felt like she cared and was available if I ever needed help or guidance.... Read More