Unjilltered Unleashed

Unjilltered Unleashed

I'm the one who will pipe up in meetings calling out what everyone else is thinking but won't dare say out loud. Yea, that one. 🙄 [ Just ask Justin Desrosier]

I can remember the day. I was working in the Investors' Circle office at American Underground - well by then it was either IC-SVN or SVC - with my buddies and co-workers Meredith and Shanti. You could say that I'm known for my candidness - or you could be in the camp that exclaims, "Jill - you can't SAY that, girl…"

It hit me. My communication style - after getting to know my coworkers and audience - is unfiltered. Honest. Direct. Let's save time and money and get. to. the. point. That day, UnJilltered was born. I quickly registered the URLs (spelled two different ways - one L for "filter" and two Ls for "jill") just about two years ago in anticipation of one day sharing my unabashed thoughts and opinions with the world. Well friends, that day has arrived.

I honestly don't know what this blog will become but I'm an opinionated job seeker, mother, sister, wife, friend, mad-as-hell Democrat and hopeful entrepreneur. At 57 (uh-oh, did I just lose you?) and I'm about to get SCUBA certified and I've become a landlord for traveling nurses in the midst of a pandemic.

I'll find all sorts of topics to cover and opinions to share and questions to ask you -> the huge audience I'm sure that will be following me as I build a loyal readership of at least a handful of dozens! That's okay.

This is fulfilling a personal challenge to put myself and my words out there electronically in this wide and wonderful world. These are trying times and we need all the love and courage we can muster, touch, give and get.

Let's do this.

Suggestions? Requests? Complaints (really, already?) - send them my way at jill@unjilltered.com.