Val Red-Horse Mohl

CFO Oakland Community Foundation
Faculty Lecturer and Board Chair

Center for the Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity Stanford UniversityEmail: redmohl3@stanford.eduAlternate Email: valerier@valerieredhorse.comCell: 818-389-4714Courses:Entrepreneurship for Social Impact and Racial Equity (CSRE 161P; NATIVEA 161)SENSA Lab for Social Enterprise (CSRE 22SI-01)

To Whom it May Concern:

It is my absolute delight and honor to offer this letter of recommendation for Jill Newbold. Jill is a senior subject matter expert in the areas of sustainability, impact investing and ESG as well as understanding investments and business practices for growing and building. Jill and I worked together when I was the Executive Director/CEO at Social Venture Circle and she was our Director of Business Development. During our time working together, we grew the membership of the organization by 20%, invested more funding into impact businesses than prior years and created partnerships with large corporate entities related to impact. Her expert knowledge, absolute professionalism and complete dedication made her a joy to work alongside. I especially appreciate Jill’s entrepreneurial spirit and know she can excel within the for-profit, academic, or philanthropic sectors.

I give Jill my highest recommendation possible and would be delighted to provide additional specific reference information. All of my contact information is noted above within the letterhead. Thank you for your consideration.


Valerie Red-Horse Mohl